Welcome to Tamsonic

Check out our new addictive and fun game Just Join. It is very simple to play yet requires in-depth concentration and speed skills. Difficulties increase upon the levels.

Colorful and catchy themes and graphics make Just Join a great game for everybody regardless age, gender, language or background.

With Just Join, you simply just join the flashing dots. Sounds easy? Watch out for flying birds, slithering snakes, crawling spiders, bombs and other obstacles as they are dangerous. Each touch (of an obstacle or already drawn lines) would cost you a life and you only have five of them so beware! Afraid of loosing your life? Magic wands are there to help. Just tap the wand, press on to the obstacle and it would disappear. Want an extra life? Tap the wand and press lives instead. Your extra life appears. Now this is what we call Magic!

We don’t only give you ‘Magic’, we give you a Magnifying glass to help you to zoom into your action and see in detail what you are doing. Now are you getting all the help you need?

The first release of Just Join has 10 super levels. It doesn’t sound much but be aware it gets challenging with all the obstacles and flying objects.